Telling the story of a firm means remembering and to faithfully exposing the past.
Since firms are made by people, they follow the same destiny of their members; thus the longer their life is the more complex their life story will be.  However, we will just list the dates that have defined our over 35 years experience.

1937 The shipping agency ANTONIO GIARDINI, was founded.  This individual firm operated until 1980, mantaining its uniqueness and competitiveness in Ravenna port area.

1981 The shipping agency AGMAR S.N.C. was founded. This firm, in addition to recommending ships, worked as charterers’ brokerage agency and as forwarders and correspondents of P&I Assuranceforeningen GARD in Arendal.

Thanks to the precious teachings and suggestions of Antonio Giardini, AGMAR continued to work in the port of Ravenna carrying on the tradition of shipping agents and P+I correspondents,  trying to delevop its expertise, with the certainty that this practice would be a trump-card for the future.
After over thirty years of activity, we haveno regrets about our past. Among our projects for the future, there is one that stands out: the continuous and detailed search for “perfection”. We would like to be an example for the new generations developing a profession, which, unfortunately, nowadays is mistreated and disrespected. However, we are convinced that by working hard we will find new energy and skills for training our employees to identify solutions for each problem. This way, our customers will be certain of choosing a trustworthy shipping agency and of always being assisted by a reliable and competent P+I correspondents.